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"Creation is a combination of frequency and energy. That frequency and energy support each other, as motion generates frequency, frequency is energy in motion. First point: Einsteinís law of relativity states E=MC^2 which equates to M=E/C^2. If that is true then energy in motion equals mass. Second point: Frequency has three factors: the base or fundamental frequency, the vertical frequency (AM) and the horizontal frequency (FM). Different points of vibration produce sound waves, radio waves, light waves, etc. These are points of intelligence in a static mode or fundamental frequency. The third point: At some point vibration, harmonic resonance and energy creates the intelligence of mass while other combinations create thought, fundamental frequency in combination with AM/FM and harmonic resonance. Harmonic resonance creates a spike in energy. Together they create the mass of the universe, independent thought and together the physical creation of life. That all forms are evolutionary as they are continually changing and can not be destroyed.

- Kenneth D Klaman
[Submitted May 25, 2007]





"This theory came to me in a form of a dream

Two already existing universes in the shape of two bubbles approach and
collide.  As these two bubbles (universes) merge they form everything that
we know and percieve thru the mixing of their own unique elements.  We dont
percieve them, they dont percieve us.

As the two bubbles touch and merge this is what we call the Big Bang.  As
they continue to pass thru one another our apparent universe expands and
grows larger.  Once pass thru the convergence, our apparent universe grows
smaller and will eventually reach the same point from where it began (the
Big Crunch).

This is easy to visualize by passing one ring on top of another.

Could these two bubbles (universes) explaing the missing mass of our
universe?  Would this explain our universe suddenly existing from

Anyway this my theory."

- JR Brown
[Submitted October 25, 2002]





There was no creation. The Universe has always been here in some shape or form, and has merely undergone many changes throughout billions of years. Perhaps a theory which explains how the Universe has currently changed to give us what we have today, is the "Big Bang" theory.

However, many religious people question the fact that it could have been here forever. I then say to them, "Where did it come from then?". Of course, they answer "God". Then I say, "Well, where did God come from?". They answer, "He was always there". Then I ask, "Does it not make more sense to believe that something we can feel/see/touch/hear/smell/etc. has been here for eternity, as opposed to believing that something which we have NO proof of, has been here for eternity?".

It is much more feasible to believe that there merely was no "creation", and the Universe has always been here. It is difficult for the human mind to comprehend such a fact, for, in our every day lives, there is always a beginning and an end in everything we do. Birth:Death, creating energy: consuming energy. If one can open up his/her mind and think of the possibility that there was no creation, it makes much more sense.

- Matt Callaghan (age 17)
[Submitted March 29, 2002]


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