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QRPp Low Power Award
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QRPp Award Recipients
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QRPp Low Power Award can be found at Here.)


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Sequential List of Certificate Holders
# Call Sign(s) Name Date Issued Home QTH Comments or Endorsements
069N8EVJ / W8BBMPeter Pavlovich01-11-2017Bloomfield Hills, Michigan70 mW, 7 MHz CW, worked Cliff, KØCA, Hannibal, Missouri at a distance of 749 kilometres (465 miles) for 10,700 km/6,649 miles per watt!
068VE3CBKChris Bisaillion03-28-2016Kanata, Ontario, Canada500 mW, 14.310 MHz SSB, worked Bruce, ZD7VC, St. Helena Island at a distance of 9,797.8 kilometres (6,088.1 miles)
067AI2TBarry L. Ives03-19-2015Owego, New YorkWorked all continents during the 2015 ARRL DX CW Conetest, including KH6LC (4,746 miles) using 50 mW output on 10 meters, resulting in 94,920 miles per watt!
066EA5BLPJuan Peiró Ferrer02-02-2014Benicarló, SpainNumerous low power CW QSOs with stations in North America, and other parts of the world, on 14 MHz
065K3VATRichard Kennedy11-11-2013Lake Frederick, Virginia500 mW, 24.917 MHz JT65, worked ZS1LS at a distance of 8,020 miles between grids FM09 and JF96
064K2UFJoseph Clement09-26-2012Cohoes, New York100 mW, 7.015 MHz CW, worked OV1CDV at a distance of 3721 miles between grids FN32ds and JO55vc with a 2 element 40 meter yagi
063KØMDSMike Stewart02-24-2011Leavenworth, Kansas500 mW, 14 MHz CW, worked CN2WW and EA1CS
062IK3JBPAmpelio Veneri04-29-2008Verona, Italy300 mW Rock-Mite transceiver, 14 MHz CW, worked KL8DX at a distance of 2,745 miles.
061E21AOYWara Tummanon11-09-2007Nontaburi, Thailand400 mW transmitter, 7 MHz CW, worked VE7KDU from British Columbia for a distance of 11,885 KM at 29,713 KM per Watt.
060DL2KDWRobert Foerster05-22-2007Eschweiler, Germany600 mW Rock-Mite transceiver, 14 MHz CW, worked OH9NB (running 20 mW!!) from Finland for a distance of 2,049 KM at 4,098 KM per Watt (102,450 KM per Watt for OH9NB!!).
059DK9MSMarkus Schäfer11-01-2006Fulda, Germany600 mW Rock-Mite transceiver, 7.030 MHz CW, worked UT5UIA (Kiev) from Germany for a distance of 1,479 KM at 2,465 KM per Watt.
058DL4AOJVolkmar Franke02-06-2006Ossmaritz, Germany500 mW Rock-Mite transceiver, 14.059 MHz CW, worked OH7QR (Finland) from Germany for a distance of 1,036 miles (1,667 KM) at 2,072 miles (3,334 KM) per Watt.
057K5YCJim Crawford11-22-2005Lovington, New Mexico250 mW output, 15 meters SSB, worked 9J2BO (Zambia) from New Mexico for a distance of 9,229 miles (26,917 miles/59,412 KM per Watt).
056SV8GXCGeorge Vastianos03-29-2005Vrodados, Greece200 mW output, CW, from grid KM38bj to SV3RF in Egio, Greece for a distance of 222 miles (1,108 miles/1780 KM per Watt).
055KV4DJRick Fray09-03-2004Springfield, Virginia730 mW output, CW, from grid DL89IF (Big Bend National Park, Texas) to N4GM in Sunrise, Florida for a distance of 1,419 miles.
054W7ISTJustin Fogdall08-10-2004Kent, Washington900 mW output, CW, using a single tube transmitter. QSO was with W7DCS, 260 km away in Keizer, Oregon.
053F8ARRGuillaume Devoyon10-13-2003Merignac, France500 mW output, CW, using a homebrew 30 meter "Trenty" while in the city of Clamart, France (Grid JN18CS). QSO was with f8bbl, 481 km away in Tresses, France (Grid IN94SU).
052NØLXJake Groenhof07-14-2003Golden, Colorado590 mW output on 144.2 MHz SSB - Mt. Evans, Colorado to K6YK in Stockton, Calfornia - 846 miles @ 1,434 miles per Watt.
051N9OGCMichael Moreth05-27-2003Bensenville, Illinois500 mW output. 21 Qualifying SSB QSOs during the 2003 ARRL International DX Phone Contest.
050N7YYBernie Miller05-12-2003Worden, Montana500 mW output. Two-way QRPp CW contact, at 18,236 KM per Watt, with LZ2RS in Bulgaria (5,665 miles).
049K4KSR William B. Cunningham10-09-2002Yorktown, VirginiaAt 1/2 Watt output, this longpath CW QSO with VK3DBD (approximately 15,000 miles) is equal to 30,000 miles per watt. This QRPp award is also endorsed for WAC at 1/2 Watt output.
048ABØIQ Gary E. Clapp10-06-2002Kenosha, WisconsinUsing a Pixie 2, at 1/2 Watt output, for a CW QSO with KØEVZ, North Dakota, at a total distance of 857 miles
047W1QF T J Hatton07-08-2002Rochester Hills, Michigan50 mW CW QSO with KE1LA @ 13,200 miles per watt
046K9OSC Robert C. Brock12-03-2000Waukesha, Wisconsin0.50 Watt CW QSO with WP2Z @ 4,460 miles per watt
045S53MA/qrp Alen Mitrovic09-19-2000Koper, Slovenia
0.90 Watt CW QSO with MM8Y (Isle of Butte) while using a NorCal Sierra and a Dipole antenna
044KC8GOJRoger Swanson05-20-2000Fairview, West Virginia0.35 Watt QSO with NØBN (DM79, QRPp #43) at 1341 miles - both ops using a Tuna Tin 2!
043NØBNDaniel A. Hazen05-20-2000Bailey, Colorado242 mW QSO with KC8GOJ (EM99, QRPp # 44) at 1341 miles - both ops using a Tuna Tin 2!
042AC6YBEric Hanson05-15-2000Yucca Valley, California0.25 Watt QSO during the July '98 Spartan Sprint
041LU5DYVReynaldo Novas11-30-1999Buenos Aires, Argentina0.2mW QSO with LU5EFX/Y, Solar Power QSO with JA3BP, 12,000 km QSO with JA7BVA
040PA3GMUJan Vlonk03-26-1997Baarland, NetherlandsLow Power DX with: Bulgaria, Finland, USA
039KF9UJWilliam F. Clowers, Sr.12-12-1995Indianapolis, Indiana10 MHz CW, 800 miles to St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
038KBØCIGBrian W. Shannon12-10-1995Atlantic, Iowa1/2 W, 40 Meters (CW), Iowa to Texas
037WFØKGeorge DeGrazio04-17-1995Lakewood, ColoradoColorado to the Yukon Territory
036KØIPHDave Holesovsky03-28-1995Loveland, ColoradoVHF FM
035OK1DCEJaroslav Formanek01-03-1995Kralupy, Czech Republic100mW, 3.5 MHz
034AD4SMWilliam R. Tinsley12-03-1994Radcliff, KentuckyBattery Powered "Spider," 30 Meter CW Rig
033W9NIPBob Williams10-31-1994Okemos, Michigan100mW 40 meters
032N2JNZGeorge Osier09-17-1994Ogdensburg, New YorkHW-7, 1/2 Watt on 7 MHz
031EC1APAFrancisco Eduardo Sendon Cervino07-18-1994Pontevedra, SpainCW, 40 Meters, [email protected]
030W5RVYJim Sheperd07-09-1994Cameron, TexasCW, 1/2 watt, 14 MHz, Over 1,000 miles
029KAØJJKJames Pope, Jr.06-25-1994Aurora, ColoradoCW, 21 MHz
028EA4EEDFrancisco Javier Sanchez Iglesias06-08-1994Badajoe, SpainSSB 28 MHz
027KA8SHZJames E. D. Norton06-02-1994Comstock Park, MichiganBattery Power, Crystal Controlled, CW 40 Meters with an SP-1 Spider
026KC5DXXJacob Hellbach05-14-1994Gretna, Louisiana2,000 miles, 28 MHz SSB
025OD5OKNajib F. Khalaf05-03-1994Beirut, Lebanon10m SSB, 1/2 watt
024SMØGKFRune Erikson04-18-1994Angermannagatn, Sweeden100mW France & Russia, 200mW Germany & Poland, 500 mW England
023WB7NKDMorris Welchlin04-09-1994Billings, MontanaBillings to Bellingham, WA
022AA9HKPete Zinkan04-05-1994Indianapolis, Indiana1/4 watt
021N3KFGJohn H. Meyers03-21-1994Lake Ariel, PensylvaniaMt. Cobb to the Adirondacks
020KF9IQJohn Strawbridge03-21-1994Angola, IndianaTwo-Way QRPp QSO with AA9BO
019AA9BOJack H. Reynolds03-20-1994Indianapolis, Indiana80 meter QRPp SSB
018K8JJCPaul H. Geerdes03-20-1994Alto, MichiganMichigan to Austrailia
017N8WZDSgt. Craig P. McVey03-20-1994Ft Bragg, North CarolinaFt. Bragg to Taos, New Mexico
016WØOLERobert W. Johnson03-11-1994Duluth, MinnesotaTuna-Tin Two
015AA9KGBrian P. Helm03-10-1994Decatur, Illinois30 mW, 225 miles
014WV7T-6Mike Anderson03-07-1994San Diego, CaliforniaTuna-Tin Two
013AA5PVT. R. Plunkett03-07-1994Amory, MississippiHomebrew 600mW
012WDØEHWMelvin J. Seematter03-05-1994Marysville, Kansas1/4 Watt Output
011KC6VWI/W4/AARoger Byron03-05-1994Holmes Beach, FloridaScottland (aprx 7,000 miles)
010KGØHVSteven J. Meyers01-08-1994Durango, Colorado40 Meters CW, 1,700 km
009KBØHPHJane Wodening11-10-1993Nederland, ColoradoSolar Power - 1/4 watt - 80 meters CW
008KBØACETami L. Wendell11-09-1993Aurora, ColoradoHF tests
007KEØNHWesley H. Farnsworth11-08-1993Denver, ColoradoIn Memorium
006WØHEPRichard C. High11-01-1993Aurora, ColoradoNumerous HF QSOs
005AA7QCKendall S. Miller10-15-1993Battleground, WashingtonNumerous high school QSOs
004KBØJFHRoger A. Wendell10-11-1993Aurora, ColoradoVHF tests along Front Range
003WAØCMLJim Kjar10-10-1993Parker, ColoradoHF QSOs both mobile CW and stationary
002NFØZLarry Feick10-10-1993Englewood, ColoradoNumerous QSOs throughout spectrum
001WBØJNRRoger J. Wendell10-08-1993Aurora, Coloradofrom grid DM79op - 10mW @ 1,000 kilometers


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