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First licensed in 1970, Amateur Extra class license since 1982...
(I also hold a General Radio Telephone License)

Radio Tattoos Logo Real tattoos on the bodies of Ham Operators!

(Feel free to Email Me if you have any comments or equally compelling photos you want posted...)





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Radio Tattoo of F4FUQ, Lionel in France - 07-14-2011
This tattoo is from the back shoulder of Lionel, F4FUQ, in France!

(Ce tatouage est de l'épaule dos de Lionel, F4FUQ, en France!)

Radio Tattoo of F4FUQ, Lionel in France - 07-14-2011




This is the right arm of AEØQ/V31RY:
These babies are for REAL, I've seen 'em myself.   You might want
to check out Glenn's web page to get a look at the rest of him...

Both of AE0Q's Right Arm Tattoos
Close-Up of AE0Q's QCWA Tattoo
Old Timers can learn more about the QCWA at their cool web site
Close-Up of AE0Q's SOWP Tattoo
You might also want to
check out the Society of
Wireless Pioneers web page


Here's one from the shoulder of N2EI:

N2EI's Complete Receiving Station Schematic Tattoo
This submission is from T. J. "Skip" Arey, he also
has a web page of his own at: www.tjarey.com


Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for QRP and amateur radio!
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for the International Morse code alphabet and phonetics
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here Wooden QSL cards!
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for my tribute to Morse telegraphy




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