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Please click on the link, below, to email me. You can also see my email address in the green business card on this page as well. I apologize for the inconvenience but with over 500 web pages, and a dozen domain names, I receive more than my share of spam email each day!!
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Please don't get me wrong, I really do encourage free speech, open dialogue, and an exchange of ideas no matter how foreign or opposite my own views - I love to learn and am generally interested in what others have to think or say. Because such communications can be interesting or of value to others I sometimes post those missives here on my website. But, I want to assure you, I never post an identifiable name (or call sign in the case of Ham Radio operators) without your permission!.

However, I do make one exception to this rule - if your message to me is nasty or threatening I reserve the right to post it without permission or notification. Since my pages first started appearing on the Internet (in 1998) I have received the occasional hate mail, profanity-laced message, and even death threats from people who simply don't like my pages or are opposed to what I believe in and stand for. In those cases I sometimes post their message if I think others will find it interesting or of a public safety value. Of course I recognize death threats and other nasty messages are usually sent in disguise, but, it can still be instructive to see what lengths a small minority will go to crush views that aren't "politically correct" or similar to their own...

- Roger J. Wendell
   Golden, Colorado


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