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Solutions I believe we have the capacity to develop a sense of community that respects and enriches everybody. The growing disparity in the distribution of wealth, environmental degradation, and needless human suffering are some of the problems that can be reversed within our lifetime. Carl Sagan suggested, in Cosmos, that we have the capacity to provide "...an abundant and meaningful life for every inhabitant of the planet."  I believe him but also know that we have a responsibility in persuading our government to act in a reasonable manner as well. Also, our own huge population explosion, itself, darkens the future and is a problem that must be addressed if we hope to maintain freedom, Democracy, and basic human dignity.
- Roger J. Wendell
May 6, 2004 - Golden, Colorado



"...having fewer people would not solve all problems, but it would mitigate and make more solvable almost all problems."
- Edward C. Hartman, The Population Fix (Breaking America's Addiction to Population Growth), p. 40


Throughout my web pages I do a whole lot of complaining. Nevertheless, I do have a number of ideas, or solutions, to combat the various problems I've identified on my site. In addition to all of my public volunteerism, in an effort to solve these problems, I am also offering this list of solutions:


  1. Start addressing (controlling) our population problem now! Do this by controlling our borders and limiting family size. The family size can be addressed, instantly and painlessly, by immediately dropping all tax incentives for having children. Immigrants remain responsible for 80% of our country's population growth - it's obvious what needs to be done!
  2. Tax gasoline and diesel fuels at an even higher rate - not only would this discourage our wasteful transportation habits but it would help clean the air and fill government coffers all in one fell swoop!
  3. Treat Arab peoples better, much better. This would help reduce terrorism substantially while improving our image around the world in general. Placing restraints on Israel, and its treatment of Palestinians, would go a long way toward this end, too.
  4. Provide a quality education for every single American kid who wants it - we're the richest country in the world and can certainly send our youth to college as easily as we send 'em to war!
  5. Provide some kind of universal health care to protect all Americans from catastrophic injury and illness [Not the ObamaCare free-for-all that was forced through during his administration]. Again, we spend more on our military than the next 12 countries combined - the least we could do is provide a simple, basic health care package for those of our countrymen with catastrophic illnesses and injuries. Again, not the sluggish free-for-all systems found in Europe, Australia, and other places but some kind of coverage for the really bad and expensive health problems that occur from time to time.
  6. Get rid of Daylight Savings Time (Okay, not a very important issue but it's always bugged the heck out of me - I lived in Hawaii, for a few years, and we never jumped our clocks forward or let them fall backwards and we seemed to have survived it all just fine!).
  7. Get all signs of religion out of our government! Look at it this way, what if it was a rival religion's slogan all over your money, in your courtroom, and at your military ceremony - how would you feel then? And, obviously, the radical religious domination of certain governments around the world is going to plague the planet for decades to come - don't let it happen here!
  8. Label all genetically modified (GMO) food - let the buyer know!


Note: After the 2008/2009 economic meltdown my family and I took a financial beating like everybody else. However, the problem seemed so complex that even I didn't have a good answer how to solve it! Nevertheless, I suspect tighter government oversight on our "Free" markets would be a good place to start. On my Capitalism page I talk about government control of markets by stopping mergers that reduce competition. Other ideas include just some common sense policing of our financial markets - up until the time Obama came into office (and even during much of his administration when Wall Street criminals remained a protected class...) it seemed like our financial system was an unregulated free-for-all - we can certainly do better!

- Roger J. Wendell
March 2009 - Golden, Colorado
[small healthcare notes added in early 2015]


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